LEGO is a Denmark-based toy-making company famous for building block-type plastic toys. This company started to gain popularity in the mid-20s and is still standing at the top of the toy-making industry. Therefore, its reach goes way beyond the territory of Denmark and reaches foreign countries.

The LEGO franchise opens many LEGO theme parks in many foreign countries, and LEGOLAND Dubai the one of the best and most popular among them.

So, Kids with two to twelve and their families are welcome to visit and experience the beauty of the LEGO theme park and enjoy various unique activities. This park offers more than 40 rides, attractions, and shows. The specialty of this park is its 15,000 model structures made of 60 million bricks. So, here we are going to discuss some famous activists of this LegoPark:

Factory Tour

Kids can have fans watching how manufacturers produce LEGO bricks in this factory, and you can also receive your customized LEGO brick there. The factory is big enough, so there are no restrictions on height. Accessibility for physically challenged people is available; they can use a lift to reach every upper floor. Standard entry is available for everyone.

Light Show Of MINILAND

You can never experience any kind of Night show as charming as MINILAND in LEGOLAND Dubai. You can watch 800+ channels of lighting that lights up 15,000 models of LEGO and creates visually intriguing galleria, which will surely amaze you. If you want to get the otherworldly experience, stand at the Café terrace to enjoy the best experience of this light show. Shows are available only Monday to Tuesday at 5:45 and Friday to Sunday at 6:45.

Boating School

A relaxed and calm kid can captain the LEGO boat, and it starts from the port. Children up to one-year-old and a maximum of 119 cm are available, and they and an adult must accompany them during this boat ride. Every boat has an acceleration system with steering. A maximum number of adults with two children or two adults is acceptable for this activity. Guests must sit upright, control the steering wheel, and also paddle the foot paddle simultaneously by synchronizing lower and upper body control. However, you can take the help of an expert driver to drive on your behalf, and you have to sit and enjoy the Boat raid at LEGOLAND Dubai. Q-Fast is the entrance for disabled people who use wheelchairs, and they have to leave their Wheelchairs on the platform where people load themselves onto the boat before the ride starts. An expert helper is available to assist people with disabilities with loading the ride and unloading.

Driving School

Kids can experience something similar to real-life driving experiences at Legoland Dubai driving school. The experts will teach them the rules and regulations of rods, and they will get their Official driving licenses called LEGOLAND-Driving-License.

Riders up to five years to thirteen years old and 110-150 cm in height are only allowed for this ride. One child per electric car is a standard Accessibility. The children have to press the foot paddle to start the car and release the paddle to stop, and they can also use the wheel to change their car's directions. Q-Fast is the entrance for disabled people who use wheelchairs and have to leave their Wheelchairs outside of this driving area. An expert helper is available to assist people with disability entering the ride and exiting. Everyone must leave the driving area after the announcement of ending the ride.

Lego Mindstorm

You can program and build computerized and cutting-edge LEGo robots that do everything, as you commend on Lego Mindstorm. So, sign up as soon as possible as the spaces are minimal, and the demand of the guests is very high. Visit the reception of lego Mindstorm in the imagination after booking the session of lego Mindstorms. 5-8 years of kids can do basic computing skills, creative problem-solving, and teamwork skills in WE.DO 2.0, 6-8 years of kids can do maths and computing with the challenge of robot space in SPACE CHALLENGE, and also the 6-8 years of a kid can understand and learn skills of 21-century robotics on SPIKE PRIME ROBOTICS which is a new addition.


So, you want to visit an international theme park with your kids and family to experience beautiful views and enjoy a fantastic variety of activities and rides. In that case, you must visit LEGOLAND Dubai to make the best of your holiday.